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Grain - We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995 - Cloudy Clear LP

Grain - We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995 - Cloudy Clear LP

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  1. Intro/Homestead
  2. Nibble
  3. Jim Thorpe
  4. Pause
  5. Springboy
  6. Trout
  7. Hickory
  8. Anthem
  9. Void
  10. The Thrills of a Race Car Driver
  11. Jay (streaming/download only)
  12. Breathe (streaming/download only)
  13. See Through (streaming/download only)
  14. Untitled (streaming/download only)


Release Details:


Grain were a punishingly loud post-hardcore band from Cleveland, Ohio who left their mark everywhere they played. Simultaneously angry, urgent, and beautiful in a single 30-minute set, they left hardcore purists confused while others wanted more. They were punk, both philosophically and from a community standpoint, and yet not so easy to pigeonhole musically.

We’ll Hide Away is a complete discography of Grain’s recorded material. It is also a snapshot into the mid 90s post hardcore sound of the Midwest. This vinyl only release has 10 tracks (4 additional tracks for streaming and download). Everything was painstakingly remastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering in Los Angeles and sequenced in a way that both captures the evolution of their sound and pays homage to the memory of Ryan Rinella (1975-2010) and his time with the band.

Limited edition first pressing on opaque silver or cloudy clear vinyl including an extensive booklet with never-before-seen live pictures, show flyers, and written memories from friends and bands. 


FFO: Hoover, Kerosene 454, Unwound, Samiam, Ordination of Aaron

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