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The Poison Arrows - Crime And Soda LP - Opaque Silver Vinyl

The Poison Arrows - Crime And Soda LP - Opaque Silver Vinyl

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  1. Mercurial Moments Erased
  2. The Joy Amber Scam
  3. Consequences of Memory
  4. Glassed by the Gilded Age
  5. Crime and Soda
  6. All These Kids
  7. Imminently Accompanied by Dragonflies
  8. Asynchronous Empire of Isotopes
  9. Sharp Young Teeth


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The Poison Arrows formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 2006 with Adam Reach on drums, Patrick Morris (ex: Don Caballero) on bass, and Justin Sinkovich (ex: Thumbnail, Atombombpocketknife) on guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

Crime And Soda, is arguably the most balanced offering from The Poison Arrows. Their 5th LP showcases the band’s keen ability to balance softer, more contemplative periods held together by a dark and driving rhythm section with their signature moody-math intensity and complexity.

Crime and Soda was recorded in Electrical Audio’s Studio A with Greg Norman, mixed by Brian Deck at Narwhal Studios, and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

 Limited Edition First Pressing on Silver Vinyl.

FFO: Girls Against Boys, FACS, Protomartyr, June of 44


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