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Products Band - Some Sudden Weather - Coke Bottle Clear LP

Products Band - Some Sudden Weather - Coke Bottle Clear LP

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  1. Shell Text
  2. Dead (But Not Like Me)
  3. The Matter
  4. I Can't Praise Your Head Trip
  5. Proverbial Con
  6. Canary Dream
  7. Reclined Derealized 2022
  8. Warped Page
  9. Count To Ten
  10. Lab Rack
  11. On A Curve
  12. Sun Turned Over


Release Details:

Products Band has been building up steam across the Midwest since Jo, Alex, Konner, and Jack started playing together in 2017.

Their sophomore effort, Some Sudden Weather, finds this Minneapolis band sharpening their focus on presence of mind in a culture of noise. For each pummeling wave of distorted guitars, a tender, melodic vocal floats over its crest. From high-energy, airtight punk’n’roll to intricate, groove-driven pop, Some Sudden Weather refreshes rock vocabularies by sculpting them within the band’s unique perspective. From dancefloor-ready bass hooks, spiderwebbed guitar skronk, or interwoven vocal duets, this is an essential listen for all fans of contemporary post-punk, guitar pop, and thoughtful Midwestern charm.

Recorded and mixed by Zach Hollander at The Pearl Recording Studio in Minneapolis. Mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering in Los Angeles.


FFO: Talking Heads, Television, Pavement, R.E.M., Ought


**This is a pre-order item to be released on October 20, 2023. Orders will begin shipping on or around October 16th**

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