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Shotmaker - A Moment In Time: 1993-1996 - 3xLP Box Set

Shotmaker - A Moment In Time: 1993-1996 - 3xLP Box Set

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A1: Sky

A2: Shortwave Radio

A3: Uninhibited

A4: 4

A5: Bailer

B1: Now and Then

B2: Failure

B3: Reconstructing Barriers

B4: Controller Controller

B5: Driver

C1: Satellite Screens

C2: Security

C3: Drifting

C4: In Motion

C5: 10/22/94

D1: Curve

D2: Drown

D3: Two Left Standing

D4: Table

E1: The Game

E2: Archaeologist

E3: Blocks and Channels

E4: Untitled

E5: Spark Lights the Friction

E6: Newest Sound System

F1: Believe In

F2: Rope and Pulley

F3: Add and Subtract

F4: Fine Day

F5: One Two

F6: In Betweens

F7: Nick’s Question

F8: I Say


Release Details:

SHOTMAKER was a Canadian band widely recognized for influencing the direction of emo and post-hardcore music during the mid 1990s.

During their relatively short time together SHOTMAKER wrote and recorded two 7”s, two LPs, a split LP (with Washington, D.C., based Maximillian Colby) and numerous songs for compilations and other split records. They completed three North American tours and regularly shared the stage with bands like Policy of 3, Los Crudos, Unwound, Rorschach, Cap’n Jazz, Indian Summer, Rye Coalition, Modest Mouse, Propagandhi, Hoover, Clikatat Ikatowi, Blonde Redhead and Fugazi.

"A Moment In Time: 1993-1996" is a band-curated, 33 track, 3xLP box set on transparent purple, blue, and green vinyl. Also included is a 12-page booklet with never-before-seen images from Canadian photographer Shawn Scallen who chronicled much of the band's history.

All the music has been mastered for vinyl by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR.

FFO: Hoover, The Jesus Lizard, Clickatat Ikatowi

**This is a pre-order item to be released on October 27, 2023. Orders will begin shipping on, or around, October 23rd**

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